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The POWER performance technology cover:

The external part of Wplus (the coloured cover) can be safely washed underwater or in the washing machine at low temperatures. After that, you can let it dry by hanging it. Do not tumble dry.


Internal filter:

Each filter is guaranteed for a use of 8 hours, but using any kind of sanitizer, it can be washed 15 times in the washing machine at 40 degrees without fabric softener maintaining all its characteristics.


Storage and further use:

Make sure both the filter and the cover are completely dry before use. You can safely store your Wplus in its original sachet when not in use.

Remember that the interchangeable filter lasts up to 120 hours of use. This means you can inhale inside the filter for up to 120 hours to get the most out of it. The washed cover can be used as much as you want, although using it a lot could ruin it and you may need to replace it. 


Care Labelling:


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