1. It is not a surgical medical device nor individual protection device referred to in article 74, the first paragraph of the legislative decree 9th April 2008 n. 81 and rules integrated with these devices including article 16, the first paragraph of the legislative decree 18.03.2020 n. 18 ; 
  2. Owing to the strong expansion of the virus in Italy, in some rare cases, non-European countries might stop the arriving packages containing the masks. Wolfhom and Tridente Srl will not be responsible for any losses or seizures neither by local customs nor for any refunds. Please check the current import laws of your country before buying. 
  3. If any masks are sold out, try again the next day. We have a great demand for masks both by companies and private people. Producing the masks daily, we will update continuously our stocks to be sure that the availability quantities are right.